• Josh Haber Announced for BABSCon

    If you liked today's Simple Ways, Castle Mania earlier in the season, BABSCon has announced Josh Haber for their upcoming April 18th convention.  Head on down below for the full press release!

    We’re only halfway through Season 4, and already fans are declaring that the season is one of the best yet. Many of its episodes are sure to be classics for years to come. This year, we have a new entrant in the MLP:FiM writing world to thank for some of our favorite episodes: the talented and versatile Josh Haber.

    So far in MLP:FiM Season 4, he is credited with writing the episodes "Castle Mane-ia" and "Simple Ways", which Meghan McCarthy has proclaimed "might feature [her] favorite Rarity performance ever."

    We here at BABSCon are excited to announce that the Bay Area's first brony convention will also proudly host the first-ever MLP convention appearance for Josh Haber, as one of our Guests of Honor. He'll be joining a talented troupe of writers from the show, including Meghan McCarthy, M.A. Larson, Amy Keating Rogers, and Natasha Levinger!

    Be sure to catch all your favorite Season 4 writers, only at BABSCon in San Francisco this April!

    Convention page here!