• GalaCon Announces Special Guests

    Before tickets go on sale at GalaCon, the staff over there has some more information on special guests to entice those of you on the fence about going. Curious? Check after the break for all the new guests attending!

    Only a few more days are left until our ticket sale starts so it is time to reveal a few more community guests – or rather, our bestest flank buddies:
    Super Psyguy – Writer for not only all the GalaCon spots since 2012, but also responsible for things like “Vinyl and Neon” and DoesAThing. If you want to know any good internet celeb, you must know him. He had them all on his weekly podcast WhaChow! His internet career started a dozen years ago, and currently he hosts the review show Cartridge Blowers.
    Serena Midori – Yes, she is back! And it would have broken our hearts if we couldn’t have her back with us this year. Whatever Canni says comes out of her mouth. She drawssings, voice acts and does many more artsy things we can not just list here – you simply must see the voice of Canni live!
    The following flank buddies will support us in our soon-to-be-launched crowdfunding campaign at StartNext, and if we reach our goal they will attend as well! So: The better it ends, the more we can do not only for the community guests, but also for you!
    Crikey Dave – From the magical land of Australia the maker of our last year’s EPCU spot will dig a tunnel through the planet to us with his dragon claws. You might also know him from the Vinyl and Neon animation he did together with The Living Tombstone. He is most popular for his current web series DoesAThing he does together with Super Psyguy. Also you should read his comic MAiZ if you like good fantasy stories.
    The Living Tombstone – You asked for more music at the Gala-Disco we now renamed to Gala-Party after a mail wave, and you asked for more musicians – so we present to you one of the best out there: The Living Tombstone. From the sandy coast of Israel he and his mix of Electro Music of all kinds will not be a boring press to play but a vivid experience with tons of fun to boot.
    And for now just one “more” thing. The first “+More” feature for BIZAAMers will be special seating. All BIZAAM ticket owners have front rows reserved in our event halls and panel rooms. We will reveal more extras soon!
    Before our ticket sale starts on 10th February 2014 at 16:00 EST/ 21:00 UTC/ 22:00 CET we will release more information about more special guests! Stay tuned!

    Twitter: Calpain