• ForMichael.org’s #MightyMichael 24 Hour Community Livestream Post-Event Report

    As you may already be aware, last weekend there was a 24 hour livestream to raise money for Michael Morones and his family. Well, below the break, you can find an after-action report with details on the money raised, who attended (I did!), and where to watch the interviews with Tabitha, Tara Strong, and more if you missed it!

    First and foremost, we'd like to thank everyone who tuned in and participated in the legendary Pony Community Charity Marathon! Thanks to a herculean coalition effort involving various sects of the fandom, the marathon managed to directly facilitate the contribution of over $25,000 USD to the Michael Morones Recovery Fund. Which, thanks to subsequent promotional efforts and news coverage, is now over 62.5K!

    Truly an amazing feat but one that would not been possible were it not for the generous contributions of time and energy from organizers and show hosts such as Purple Tinker, FlutterCliff, Joanna, SonyaLynn, Obsidian Winter, Forest Rain, Foal Papers, Emily Jones, Rommel Pants and Super Psyguy. All together, we were able interview over 39 individual fandom and show-staff guests! The likes of Nicole Oliver, Tara Strong, Tabitha St. German, Andy Price, Amy Keating Rogers, Silly Filly Studios, Mic the Microphone, Michelle Creber, and BlackGryphon were present, and even Michael’s own stepfather and uncle made an appearance. Full a full list of guests who attended, please refer to this list and don’t forget to send them your thanks! 

    All interviews performed during the marathon are also being uploaded to a YouTube channel for those of you who were unable to tune in for the entirety of the show. Be sure to check out the MightyMichael2014 channel

    One of the second major components of the Marathon was a massive prize giveaway. The winners of this giveaway will be contacted in the coming days to ensure prize delivery. 

    We’d also like to give an extra special shoutout to the folks from Bay Area Brony Spectacular for helping us procure some of our more notable show staff guests and running a special membership drive during the marathon, which led to a nifty $600 contribution! If you haven't heard of them, do make sure to check out their website to find out more about San Francisco’s first brony convention! 

    Lastly, thanks to everyone who tuned in and donated, promoted, or participated in this marathon in some capacity. You’ve helped us demonstrate the capacity of our fandom to help those in need!