• Discussion: Show Luna the Earth Night!

    Luna HATH ARRIVED... on Earth.  She heard you all tend to stay up until stupid hours or skip sleep entirely at night, and wants to bring some of that back with her to Equestria! Even during modern times, only Twilight Sparkle is ever awake past 10:00 PM, and you can only discuss the gravitational difference between a dictionary and encyclopedia on the sun for so long before it gets old. 

    Your mission is to take moonbutt on her very own night on the town! Want to shock and awe everyone with a talking pony at your favorite night club? Or maybe your Dungeons and Dragons group that lasts until 6am before keeling over from exhaustion could use a new member to spice things up a bit? It's up to you! Make Luna's single night on Earth awesome!

    Hit those comments up with your plans.