• Charity, #FlankArmy Explained - and ピンクのBUTT馬は楽しいが大好き!

    If you read that simple PMV post earlier, you probably already know that people just realized, ponies have butts!  Your twitter feed may or may not be covered in cutie marks to top it off.  What better way to have FUN than tie it into something charityish?

    The entire story can be found over here, but for a brief overview here is what went down:

    • Someone uses the name "Sun Butt" on twitter, one of Celestia's new nicknames thanks to her glorious sunny cutie mark.
    • Olympic hockey happens, and Nicole Oliver notices the @sunbutt tweet.  She thinks it's hilarious.
    • Potential charity appears:

    (someone make it happen!)

    • Account names change to Sunbutt, people follow with Moonbutt
    • #FLANKARMY begins!

    So, now we need a shirt with the captioned image above above for Nicole to sign that we can auction off at Babscon.  Someone get on that? I doubt We Love Fine could do it, but there are ways!

    Hopefully this has been an eye opening experience for all of you.

    Head on down below the break for a video dedicated to the event, parodying the "fun" YTPMV/PMV thing a few days ago! 

    Update: Apparently the charity shirt is already in progress.  Expect it at Babscon!