• Streams and Marathons Today - January 24th

    It's Friday, meaning a new episode airs tomorrow! What do we do when leading up to something like that? Celebrate via stream parties! Get them all below!

    World of Equestria

    Hello everypony! Join us this Friday, January 24th at 6:00PM EST for our weekly Mare-A-Thon. This week we will be having a mare-a-thon for the episode "Three's A Crowd", we will also be streaming the episode! We hope that you join us for fun, randomness, silliness, and of course, ponies! That is all every pony, come and hangout with your fellow bronies and we hope you enjoy!

    Have any questions? Have an idea for our stream? Please E-Mail us at [email protected]



    Greetings everypony! We hope your week has been wonderful and warm. This week we've got a hilarious set of movies we'll be streaming this Friday and Saturday. We'll be streaming Blazing Saddles and Kung Pow: Enter the Fist along with the pony episodes Lesson Zero and One Bad Apple shown in between each movie. We'll be streaming them Friday January 24th at 7:00 pm EST USA (GMT -5) with an encore on Saturday January 25th at 2:00 pm EST USA (GMT -5).

    We will be streaming the new pony episode Three's A Crowd live on Saturday, the 25th at 10:30 am EST USA. Afterwards, enjoy the post episode throw down with our friends from Celestia Radio.

    There is no Radio Saturn this week.

    Babble with Bronies is live this week and they will be critiquing the season two episode Family Appreciation Day. Stop on by for good discussions and good fun. The show starts at 4:00 pm EST USA (GMT -5) on Sunday, January 26th.

    Thanks again and we hope to see you all there! You can find it all here.

    Brony TV

    Week 10! DJ Calcos is on Boiler Barn Saturday morning at 8 AM EST, leading up to the 3 episode leadup (Rarity Takes Manehatten, Pinkie Apple Pie, and Rainbow Falls) at 9:20. At 10:30, Three's a Crowd streamed live straight from the Hub, and the re-stream at 11:30!

    Mirality, as always, will be hosting his Random Pony event and Cards Against Humanity starting at 6 PM EST Friday Night. Come Hang out Saturday night at 10 PM EST for Twitch After Dark for some Rainbow Falls discussion.


    Brony Network
    Friday {1/24/14}

    Cinderella {PG}: 
    9pm Central / 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific 

    The Little Mermaid {PG}: 
    10:15pm CT / 11:15pm ET / 8pm PT 

    11:37pm CT / 12:37pm ET / 9:37pm PT

    Saturday {1/25/14}

    The Great Mouse Detective {PG}: 
    6pm CT / 7pm ET / 4pm PT 

    The Rescuers {PG}: 
    7:10pm CT / 8:10pm ET / 5:10pm PT

    The Rescuers Down Under {PG}: 
    8:25pm CT / 9:25pm ET / 6:25pm PT 

    10:30pm CT / 11:30pm ET / 8:30pm PT 

    Sunday {1/26/14}

    Dumbo {G}: 
    5:30pm CT / 6:30pm ET / 3:30pm PT

    Special Event {View News / Updates to reveal this Event}: 
    7pm CT / 8pm ET / 5pm PT