• Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare Releases Today - Google Play, Amazon, Kindle

    As many of you have hopefully discovered by now via pre-order emails, G.M. Berrow's new book "Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare" released today.  The exact synopsis for it:

    Rainbow Dash is a huge fan of the Daring Do book series, but after the newest book comes out, she's not alone! Suddenly, every pony in Ponyville is reading the books! To prove she's' the ultimate fan, Rainbow Dash decides to show her friends that she can be just as brave and "daring" as her hero. But Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow's other friends worry about how far she's willing to go. Just how daring should one pony be?

    The book itself clocks in at 176 pages total, following the trend of the others in the series.  You can get it immediately on Google Play/Kindle, or in paperback over on Amazon.

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    Then go pre-order the future titles!

    Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity (April 8th release)
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    And finally, WTVY did a segment on it.  Find that over here!