• Nightly Roundup #865

    Those rainbow colored ponies look pretty cool actually. I wonder when we'll finally get more details that reveal what they actually are.

    Heya guys! Cal back in Ohio for awhile so I'm back to the Roundups. Hope you're fighting off the cold if you're in the arctic death vortex here in the US. Penny

    Tonight's Stories

    The Pony Award Results

    The Pony Awards this year had over 900 people respond with who they thought deserved to be given an award as the best in the fandom. And the results are in.

    Individual Awards

    Best Show Staff: M.A. Larson

    Best Analyst: Digibrony

    Best Animator: JanAnimations

    Best Author: Ink Rose

    Best Plushie Maker: EquestriaPlush

    Best New Artist: A two-way tie between ArkenBrony and Fenrixion

    Best Artist: PixelKitties

    Best New Musician: 4everfreebrony

    Best Musician: Feather

    Fan Creation Awards

    Best Site: Equestria Daily

    Best Animation: Children of the Night by Duo Cartoonist (@Lionheartcartoon)

    Best Fimfiction: Zenith by The Descendant

    Best Song: Kindness by AcousticBrony and MandoPony

    Honorable Mentions (Very, very close second place)

    Best Musician: MandoPony and Aviators

    Best Song: Heroes (ft. Bronyfied) by Aviators and Wonderbolt (ft. Prince Whateverer) by dbPony

    Best Fimfiction: History Repeats by SaddlesoapOpera

    Best Animation: Button’s Adventures Episode 1 by JanAnimations

    Many thanks to all who voted! If your favorite didn't appear in the list of nominees, be sure to check back next time on November 1st, 2014 for the opening of nominations for the second annual Pony Awards.

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    PonySFM Major Overhaul!

    After 3 weeks in development, hopefully it'll have been worth the wait!

    The goals were to provide an easy, fast, awesome and at the same time functional website that even beginners can easily handle!

    Important new features:
    -) Create a personal account on the site
    -) Set custom URLs in your Profile to YouTube, DeviantArt, etc.
    -) Edit your profile description
    -) View all posts a user has created in their profile
    -) Upload stuff directly from PonySFM
    -) Sort everything in categories such as Maps, Models, etc.
    -) Link to an external site instead of direct uploading (e.g. DeviantArt)
    -) Upload your creation on our server for a direct download
    -) Download counter
    -) Edit and create your posts with an WYSIWYG* Editor
    -) Up- and Downvote posts
    -) Popular posts are displayed on the "Popular" page
    -) A little Blog page for the newest updates from PonySFM or SFM
    -) Video and Picture creations featured on the Blog page
    -) Tutorials, Tips and Tricks also featured on the Blog page

    We've directly imported all old PonySFM posts, all old links are still working!
    One little thing tho is that everthing is still posted under my name (EpicLPer). After you've registred on the site we can transfer the posts to you personal account so the displayed name fits the original creator!

    If there are any questions left please ask them in the comments or directly to me on Steam (EpicLPer), thanks!

    *WYSIWYG: "What you see is what you get", means you don't need to use HTML tags which we do not allow yet due to security reasons. If you need them for some special reason contact us and we'll edit them for you.

    We are not affiliated with Hasbro Inc. or Valve Corporation. All rights reserved to their respective owners.

    Get more information here!

    Equestria’s Mysteries Audio Series Announcement

    The upcoming audio series Equestria’s Mysteries is still open to new members. We need musicians, audio editors, and artists! Voice actors are also welcome, though many of the major roles are taken, there is still room! Showcase your talent to the fandom! Contact me on Skype (angelsongspirit) or email ([email protected]) for more info.
    Good Luck!
    -Justice (Director)

    Radio Auditions

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs


    Give it a watch! It's absolutely adorable!

    BronyOff Week 6

    Let's React [BLIND] | MLP:FiM | S4 E8 |

    Pony 411 - Episode 37

    Another episode of Pony 411 is here! This week, we have some news involving the Weird Al episode, the game formerly called "Fighting is Magic," and merchandise news that may or may not impact the show. Oh fun! And some other news as well. Those are important.

    After that, Nemesis and Alca7raz talk about "Rarity Takes Manehatten." The first Rarity episode in a long time! Hear what they thought of it, including the song, a certain pony who is creating an unnecessary stir, and Rarity herself! Plus, what does that thread at the end entail? They think they know what it means, and what future episodes may bring! So tune in if you want to find out!

    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOmNauWB6KI
    Download: http://pony411.libsyn.com/pony-411-episode-37-thread-of-fate
    Show Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19u2fh5Id49DFshQu_Q9V537atUsyfOIWoPwLOQ5mccs/pub
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pony411

    The MBS Show - Episode 96

    On Episode 96 of The MBS Show we are going to be as random as possible!!! Returning to bring his brand of chaos back to the show is FIMFic Writer KitsuneRisu. Listen to him over think and over speculate in news time and first timer to the show Final Gamer, will he survive the randomness, will Norman Sanzo get a chance to talk? Find out in the first episode for the new year!!!

    Check it out in the link bellow!

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    January 7, 2012-2013

    2012 - Epic Pie Time releases.

    2013 - FiM ends up on Google Play and Keep Calm and Flutter On gets an extended synopsis.

    Twitter: Calpain