• MLP CCG Events Reminder and New Information

    AMIGO which is handling the card game over in Europe is planning some MLP CCG events in the region soon, starting with Germany and Austria! We reported earlier about this event, but some new info has emerged! First, what we already know:

    The 'My Little Pony CCG' Prereleases place on 25 & 26 January at 14 operators in Germany and Austria instead! As a little compensation for the long wait of the fans we can provide to you in collaboration with Enter Playlist LLC for these special events a lot of special rates available. All information is available from Monday to http://event.amigo-spiele.de/2014/01/10/my-little-pony-ccg-launch-event-release-party/
    As mentioned before, the Rarity card is a prize for the events, but one thing left out is that people have to pre-reg for the launch event in order to get their cards. Find a list of events as well as a pre-reg link below! Also, on the event list, events that are starred will have the rare Twilight hologram promo card.

    Pre-registration Link
    Event List Link