• It's Equestria Daily's 3rd Birthday!

    January 18th marks the day when Equestria Daily was first born three years ago on 2011! We have seen it all, from the explosion of fan content during the summer of the first year, all the way to the return of a pony who was once erased completely just today! What a crazy ride it has been! And what an awesome birthday present seeing her triumphant return!

    Thanks to all of you for continuing to support the site.  It has been a blast these last few years, and despite the lack of sleep and gray hairs popping up everywhere, I wouldn't have it any other way. We couldn't do it without you guys sending in the news/art/music/videos/meetups/ect., keeping the community active in comments, and visiting in general.  A site like this takes a lot of time, and you all make it worth it!