• Equestria Girls Trixie Box Provides Insights into the Possible Second Movie

    Trixie's EG box has started floating around out there in the wild (Thanks to @TomDanTheRock for the image), and as is the norm for pony boxes, it has a bunch of little blurbs on the back.  A few of these could be hinting at what exactly we can expect in the second Equestria Girls movie.  While still unofficially announced, there are quite a few things pointing toward it's existence (including this entire Rainbow Rocks line).

    Head on down below the break for the text version of the image above.  Some is a bit hard to read.

    Main blurb: Everyone at Canterlot High knows the Equestria Girls can rock, but will another band work some musical magic to steal the spotlight?

    Trixie blurb: My stage style has to be as magical as my music!

    Trixie blurb 2: Ger ready to rock CANTERLOT High -- The Great Trixie Lulamoon will amaze everyone with rockin' style like no other!

    Front blurb: A Magician never revealers her fashion tricks!