• Discussion: What Celebrity Would You Like to See Invade MLP?

    I had a ponified Johnny Depp up here, but Trixie swapped the image out.

    Digging into the oldschool, I bet a bunch of you have new answers for this one!

    Our hypothetical Hasbro exec just drove up to you in his diamond plated golden limousine and rolled down the window.  He hands you a piece of paper and drives off.  It's a blank MLP:FIM themed check with a wingless Twilight on it, and has a section for a "celebrity name".  Putting two and two togeather, you realize this guy wants to apologize for the drama in 2013 and let you hire whoever you want for season 5 of the show.  Yep, that's exactly what happened.

    Anyway, pick a celebrity, any celebrity.  It can be as aweful or as amazing as you want.  This celebrity will make a cameo appearance in a two part episode as either him/herself or a pony.  It's up to you! Money buys you anything after all, and that blank check is just asking to nuke someone's budget. 

    Hit those comments up with your choice!