• Breezies, Mysterious Plushies, and a Future Episode

    With the recent reveal of those lace winged Plushies on Taoboa, and an upcoming episode way off in March called "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies", there is a good chance these guys are going to be making an appearance. Either that or Meghan is just trollin again.

    Anyway, head on down below the break for general information on Breezies! 

    For those that aren't versed in the older generation of the My Little Pony world, Breezies popped up during the 3rd generation and lived in a fairy pony community called "Breezy Blossom". They were about the size of a poison joked Applejack in comparison to the usual G3 characters.  According to the Wiki page, the main standout characters went by "Tiddly Wink", "Tra La La", and "Zipzee" (found above).   Considering the main 6 and CMC are based on oldschool characters, it wouldn't be too surprising to see these three make a return.

    If you are really curious, you can find both Princess Promenade and Runaway Rainbow (the movies these three starred in) on Netflix, as pointed out by OneBrokePony. Otherwise, get a video of Zipzee below:

    Of course, way back during Generation 1, we also had a group of lace-winged equines known as "Flutter ponies" with their own movie adaptation.  Unlike breezies, they were your average size, and spawned this song

    Both pony variants were used in toylines, so if these do become a thing, expect something similar to those Taobao plushies to invade with them. 

    If any of you oldschool fans think I missed anything, feel free to fire off an email and I'll get an update going here.  This is just a general foundation on what we may expect to see in the future.