• Book: My Little Pony: Fluttershy's Big Show - Possible Episode?

    Another one of those mysterious Amazon books has popped up.  Without an image it's hard to really place it in a specific category, but there is a chance that this one could be the same as the Welcome to Rainbow Falls book from a while back, hinting at a future episode.  It matches the exact same page count at 24, but there are a few things that could go against this possibility.  The publisher is completely different, and the price is off.  With an author of "Hasbro My Little Pony", it doesn't even have a unique name behind it.  Only time will tell I suppose.

    The description for it can be found below the break to avoid those spoilers. 

    Thanks to Ulrik and ilcane for the heads up!


    Fluttershy has a beautiful singing voice and a great love for music. When her friends hear her voice, they are surprised that this is the first they have heard of her vocal talent and wonder why she isn’t part of the Pony Tones Quartet. Fluttershy has terrible stage fright. But when the Pony Tones Quartet need her help, she discovers that facing her fears is a way to shine and that she should never be afraid to do something she loves. Three colorful hair extension clips included in the book can add that special fashionable touch to your stage performance!