• Ask Princess Molly Officially Closes Its Doors

    Despite what your reaction to an ask blog of this subject matter may be, there is no doubt that Ask Princess Molestia was a titan in the Tumblr world.  With over 68,600 followers, there weren't many that came close.  As of today, it appears to have finally shut down for good.

    Aside from the adult level humor, this was the birthplace of the much loved Gamer Luna, or at least where she really took hold and spread across the ponynet. The headphone clad moon princess has spawned an endless supply of art, animations, comics, and music over the years. I doubt we will ever see an end to her. 

    The trio behind it (JJ, Calpain, Jen) plan on starting something else up outside the realm of pony this spring. Keep on eye on their Twitter pages for updates on that.