• My Little Karaoke - Loads of Songs Added, Along with Other Improvements

    The My Little Karaoke team has released a new disc overflowing with boatloads of extra pony.  Some of the major improvements include: 

    • A lot more new songs! We've added more than 70 new tracks, not counting instrumental versions.
    • As always, we're trying our best to focus on quality assets with 720p video backgrounds and high-quality sound when available.
    • We've added a few extras, such as a paper song list to makes it easier to pick songs during parties.
    • We've added a variant of the MyLittleKaraoke skin, with a static background. This will be useful for people who want to capture videos using tools such as FRAPS.
    • We've updated the Windows version of the engine to gain a performance boost. We're now using a cutting-edge build of Ultrastar Deluxe (nightly).
    • We've created a patch fixing an issue on OSX Mavericks, preventing the game to be launched. Mavericks users must patch the game for it to work properly.
    • We've built an easy-to-use updater both for Windows and Mac OSX.
     Head on over here to grab it!  A list fo songs can be found below the break. 

    • AcoustiMandoBrony + EileMonty: Generosity
    • Andrew Huang: Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows
    • BlackGryph0n: Proud To Be A Brony
    • EileMonty: I Am Octavia
    • H8_Seed, Glaze: Awoken
    • JanAnimations, ShadyVox: Don't Mine At Night
    • JoafTheLoaf: Swing Tavi Swing
    • Mandopony: My Fluttershy
    • Phileo: The Way She Flies
    • Poni1Kenobi: Button's Mom
    • SimGretina, Kathy-Chan: Daring Do
    • Stablefree: I Tried (Spike's Lament)
    • StormWorlf: Beginning Of Order
    as well as
    • Equestria Girls songs ("Helping Twilight Win The Crown" has been updated, as it was a camrip in the previous release)
    • "Hearts Strong As Horses" - available in the ISO download only (we'll create a ZIP package of S4 songs in due time)