• MLP CCG Heading to Germany and Austria

    A German company called Amigo has tossed up a press statement detailing the release of the MLP Collectable Card Game Over in both Germany and Austria.  With just a few days remaining until the big premiere event here in the states, I'm sure quite a few of you around the rest of the world are wondering when you can get your hands on it.  Hopefully this is a sign of "some time soon". 

    Full translated press release below courtesy of Tobias.

    My Little Pony Collectible Card Game available in the AMIGO sales program as of December
    The My Little Pony Collectible Card Game (CCG) is the brand new collectible card game from the popular TV series My Little Pony (currently airing daily on nickelodeon): As of December, the pony-hit with a world-wide fan-community will finally be available as a collectible card game in stores. In Germany and Austria AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit GmbH takes over the distribution of the English product.
    In the spirit of the slogan „Friendship is Magic“ in this CCG the players will take on the roles of the beloved characters from the TV series and meet a lot of challanges in „Ponyville“, which they will have to solve collectively in contest with the opponent. The boosters of the My Little Pony Premiere Edition contain 12 random cards, which will in any case include one „rare“, three „uncommon“, and eight „common“ cards. With a little bit of luck even special foil- and „ultra rare“ foil-cards may be included. Aside from the booster series, two different My Little Pony Theme Decks will be released, which will each contain a pre-constructed deck of 59 cards, rules, a play mat, and „action tokens“.
    As a practical product for first-time players, a My Little Pony 2-Player-Set will be avaiable in stores, which contains the game materials – including tokens, foil cards, rules and play mat – for two players and tease to just start playing.
    In December and January, members of the AMIGO Volunteer Community – i.e. helpers, demonstrators, referees, or game instructors working for AMIGO – can hold My Little Pony launch-events in selected stores to also introduce this new CCG to other players.