• Meghan McCarthy's Mysterious String of Numbers

    5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14, 21, 25, 26 - The string is too long for lottery numbers, so don't go banking on that just yet. Outside of Twilight Sparkle's completely ridiculous locker combination, these could mean quite a few things.  A few theories can be found below, but feel free to guess like crazy in the comments.

    One thing to note is the 26 to finalize it, that being the number of episodes in this season.  It's most likely pertaining to something each of these specific ones share.

    I saw a lot of people guessing song count on one of those chan boards I keep ending on up lately, but there are only 10 numbers here, and we have 16 songs coming up according to this piece of information from the Hub Twitter Takeover:

    It's no wonder is on vacation right now. We tried to break him with 16 brand new songs in Season 4 

    Another possibility is that these are the episodes that will do something in terms of the overall season 4 storyline.  Key episodes, or little nuggets of extra information like we saw in Castle Mania via the journal of Celestia and Luna.  

    And finally, a few people are guessing that these are episodes she helped with the writing process on. 

    Of course, she could just be trolling us.  I know I would if I could have that much fun.  It could be something as simple as all the episodes Derpy makes a background appearance in.  Hit the comments up with your theories!