• Herd Census Needs Translators

    A new year is almost upon us and that means the Herd Census for 2014 is about to commence! Over the past couple years it has been a rousing success and this year the staff hopes to expand it even further by having different language versions of the census so we can get more accurate numbers on the worldwide Brony population:

    The 2014 Brony Herd Census is now just a month away, bigger and better than ever! This year we’re hoping to offer it in as many languages as we can, and have already nearly completed the German translation. We’re looking for folks to translate (or proofread the translation) for the following languages:

    Simplified Chinese

    We’d also like any other languages where we can get at least a main translator and a proofreader.  If you’re pretty fluent in both English and one of these languages, get in touch with Coder Brony at coderbrony@herdcensus.com. Who knows, you might even find yourself mentioned in published research!
    So if you have some foreign language skills, make sure to hit these guys up if you can!