• Hearth's Warming Micro-Comic Giveaway, Winners and Entrants: Day 6

    So here we have it, the final day of the IDW micro-comic giveaway event. Today's runner-up was Frith, with one of those election picture things. Thanks, Obama.

    I hope you've all had fun, as it's been fun for me. To all the winners (who we'll be doing a short roundup of tomorrow), I say congratulations, and to everyone else who entered, I give a heart-felt thanks.

    Join us after the break for the final day's winners and entries.

    today's colouring book winner was from Rachel! Well done!

    and this was drawn by left2fail, entitled XmasShy. Aww.

    As always, not all pictures were included for consideration for prizes, but they were added for the lineup. Now we've got all 12 winners, I'll able to get Sethisto to start bugging you for details!

    Once again, thanks for the art, and I hope you all have a great Hearth's Warming.

    Santa Midnight, out.

    First we have the colouring book entries

    Spawns of Satan - Bryan Gurr

    Gak is so back!!!!!!!!
    Amber Turner

    colored in photoshop
    16 Summer Cool Off - Titus Huang

    This artwork was supposed to be published on Monday night(local time in Adelaide) but never got to finished it until Tuesday afternoon (Due to school). but now am soo happy that it is available again to enter. So thank you and I hoped that you like it.
    18 Rachel

    19 Hearth Warming's eve Filly pageant - Carolina Emma A Leo

    Lineart by Pixelkitties. Colored with glitter and crayons by: Carolina Emma A Leo
    20 George A.

    24 Zoameldar

    26 Snow Day - TheSkitzogamer

    Just fluttershy sitting... On a bench. With a Sweater

    Second we have the prompt-drawn entries


    I accidentally submitted it to yesterdays submitter after today's had already gotten put up. My apologies for doing so. Please consider it an entrant for today's submitter.
    Lyras's Heart's Warming Eve - Sussi

    Side character ponies for the WIN! I love all of them but I thought for your last HWE give away I would have fun with (read: make fun of) Funko + Lyra a little bit!
    Wintry Wonderland - Liam Strong

    Twilight trotted through the cobblestone streets of Canterlot, taking in the beauty of her hometown on Hearth's Warming Eve as she had years ago as a filly, before moving to Ponyville. Her magenta eyes were wide and sparkling as she basked in the beauty of the royal town on the hillside. "Look, Spike!" she gasped, flitting from shop to shop in a flutter of purple wings. "It's Madelene's Sweetshop! They have the best caramels! And Celestia's Toybox! Oh, wow! Everything's still here! It's perfect!"
    Santa Jadybug - Jacqueline

    I've been working on drawing my daughter as a pony, babies are cute! Here is Jadybug in a Santa getup, all ready to deliver presents!
    The Apples On Hearth's Warming - Amber Turner

    my family always reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve right before we go to bed. We did it every year from when I was very young, and it's a fond memory of mine. I feel as though this would be something the Apples would also share, a family activity that would be strong memories in their hearts forever.
    10 Holly Berry - Gabriela

    I wanted to make a Hearth's Warming pony. I originally wanted Holly Mistletoe, but thought Holly Berry sounded better instead. Merry Christmas and Happy Hearth's Warming!
    12 Festive Ponyville - Shawn Ralph

    You know that feeling when you stare at something for a long time, and eventually, it all just melds together into a mess, leaving you with no ability to distinct between something that looks good or bad? That happened to me about half-way into making it. Man I'm dizzy...
    14 The Place Where I Want to Be - Hydrus Beta

    My OC, Firelight, on his way home for Hearth's Warming.
    17 Princess Cadance and her prince Charming - Titus Huang

    This artwork was supposed to be published on Day five of the Comp but never got to finished it until this morning. But now I am soo happy that it is available again to enter. So thank you and I hoped that you like it.
    21 Friendship - Patryk Bucholc

    Here is my take on Friendship how I see it. And also I wanted to make some folk happy. I hope I made it in time. Happy Holidays to Everyone! Stay safe and healthy!
    22 Shkle Watching Snow - MyBoyJ

    Here we have Shkle just relaxing while looking out the window and watching the snow.
    23 Hearthswarming Eve Night - Sarah Leathers (Yoshimars online)

    My favorite thing to do over the holidays is spend time with my little sister, whom I don't get to see much of the year since we've both grown up and have moved away from each other.
    27 Holiday Fluttershy - Left2Fail

    Just Flutters nomming on a christmas tree cookie... See what I did there? :3
    29 Magic - Frith

    For me, Hearth's Warming = MLP:FIM = Friendship + awesome= Magic.
    30 Hearth's Warming Hangout - Spark Burst

    This is the entry that I want to be judged. I'm managed to finish on time after all!

    And now some email entries:

    Scootaloo counting the stars, by 13-year-old Chloe

    And this is derpy getting muffins as presents, from Jess.

    And finally "a christmas apple" from Valeria

    Plus one more unfinished picture from Silky Cotton, called Secret Santa. It's shaping up to be good!