• Hearth's Warming Micro-Comic Giveaway Winners and Entrants: Day 4

    Today our runner-up was from kasei yoshi, with some ponies snuggling in the snow. It's a really nice piece, too! Have I said I wish we had more prizes? Because I do wish that!

    Join us after the break for the winners and entrants of the fourth day of the Hearth's Warming Microcomic Giveaway!

    Firstly, I wish to say well done to all entrants so far! If you have won and you haven't been contacted yet then don't worry, you will be. Those of you with harder to find net-presences may wish to email me at midnightshadow@equestriadaily.com, which may make things easier for Sethisto to come find you if you win. If we can't then the runners-up take your place!

    Secondly, congratulations to MelodyMiiau on winning the colouring-in category with the entry above! Once again, this category is chosen by random number generation from random.org. The prompt, however, is chosen by the rest of the crew at EqD.

    And the winner of the prompt-drawn picture today was "love is in the air" from sandy101010. Aww!

    You know, that might make a fantastic phone background!

    Winners will be contacted by a member of staff as soon as possible (or when we can tie Sethisto down long enough). A great big thanks to all entrants so far, and good luck for future days!

    Below we have all the entries, sorted by category. Some entries were not considered for the prize draw, but are still displayed. Previous winners in any category are not put into the running, and since I've allowed two entries per person, a second entry in the same category replaces the first.

    First are the entries for the colouring-in category

    11 Surprise - shannon Gurr

    15 Cosplay colored - Tim_Fortune

    The idea is that they're in front of a greenscreen.
    21 Something Strange - Cody11533

    I have no idea what is happening here.
    23 Joe Fernandez

    24 George A.

    28 Contest - Anna Howard

    First time entering into this.

    And one late entry for yesterday, by 7-year-old August, entered into today's draw instead!

    Next are the pictures drawn from the prompt!

    All I want for Christamas is You Viviane

    For the prompt, I thought that I would draw Derpy and the Doctor under mistletoe , something sweet. Correction to my last entry;i'm 13 not 12 :) be sureth to checketh my tumblr at http://artistforevercreative.tumblr.com
    Princess Cadance Flying - Tess 

    Hi I am 13 and This is my Picture of my favorite princess
    My Potato, Your Cookie - YoruTheCelebi

    Two OCs of mine doing something cute. Gravy Boat is the one up top, and the one being pouty is Mocha Java. Fun Fact, Gravy Boat was spawned from the Season 3 episode "Keep Calm and Flutter On." :3 I'm totally not self-praising with that!...
    Mistletoe Appledash - ntsevenfour

    Why? Because. Smugadash for the win. I love her smug face it just fits so well.
    Big Macs and Cheerilees - Shawn Ralph

    Color is for the weak... And probably people who actually know how to use it... Contains traces of unoriginal shipping.
    FlutterDash - Sourichan

    FlutterDash! Just a simple ink sketch.
    Love is in the Air - Samia Mariano Vacari

    Derpy Hooves and Doctor Hooves = OTP >v<
    12 melting - shannon Gurr

    two christmas love birds melting
    14 Sunrise Shield - Gabriela

    I used watercolor, which messed with the background of the painting. It is a commission for a friend of mine at school and I thought it would be fun to make his mane look like the colors of a sunrise. I think it came out all right! :)
    16 Under the Mistletoe - Trouble

    For a robot, he's a bit of a sap....And I wouldn't have him any other way.
    17 Shkle Mistletoe - MyBoyJ

    Ponies in love is right up Shkle's alley. Unfortunately, Shkle's coming on a bit too strong for this blue pony and he's getting a little nervous.
    19 Vellum got Derped - VGJustice

    She might not know what went wrong, but Vellum’s got a pretty good idea. Scheduling conflicts galore happened and I got too delayed to get this into the slot I wanted for the EqD Hearth’s Warming contest. :c But I’m not gonna let that stop me! I’ll just have to do the next one as I can. . _. Inked and colored with crayons.
    20 Assistant, I think someone is watching us. onagova

    Ohhh, don't mind us Doc.

    22 On a cloud - Stine

    26 Violin - Frith

    The prompt was "in love" with the option to go for festive. This time I went for festive. I bet 'ponies playing an instrument' isn't in the list of prompts! But what's a holiday without music? Probably relaxing. Pfft, muffins! Here's a violin playing pony rendered in Hearth-warming greens, reds and blues, done using the ZeFrank Scribbler. ^_^ If you notice my sketches, you can always drop me a line at frith.dreamwidth.org, where anonymous commenting works and there's also OpenID. The email addy I use is bogus... it might exist, but I've never looked. Just drop me a line at frith.dreamwidth.org. ^_^
    27 Under the mistletoe - Happy Switch

    Who doesn't like Rainbow Sherbert?

    And another emailed entry:

    This is just entitled "Cadance" by Elisa