• Random Merch: Mugs, Lip Balm, Rubberbands, and More!

     Mugs and lip balm.  I'm liking these black packages.  Does that mean it's focused on us?  These were found at Toys R' Us. 

    And below the break, boatloads more random merch!

    3D Coloring Book

    Is anything not 3D these days? Found by Lyssina at a California Target.

    Loom Rubberbands 

    Found by Unicornmon and Gretchen at Target!

    Winter Gloves and Hat Combo

    Find over at Kmart by Angela. 

    Digital Clock

    Found at Toys R' Us by Silk

    Android Tablet Covers

    Found in an ad for Costco.  The store itself didn't have any though.  Thanks to Ashley for the image.

    Pinkie Pie Diary 

    Found at Walmart by Miadebruin. 

    Loom Charms

    Found at Micheals by Aisha!