• Random Merch: 3D Sticker Kits, Stockings, Bubble Bath, Hot Pants, Japanese DVD, and More!

    When I was a kid, I had stickers on everything.  I ruined so many toys by plastering them in piles and piles of stickers.  This set was found at Toys R' Us by Nemeria.

    And if you want more random merch, hit up the break!

    Holiday Stockings

     Found by Cogs at Walmart

    Christmas Bubble Bath

    Found at a Walmart yet again, as well as drug stores, by LunarEklipse and Nathanyal. 

    Rainbow Dash Slippers

    Found by SmileySpaz on a Meijers magazine. 

    Rainbow Dash Earbuds at Walmart

    Found at Walmart again! Thanks to Anna for the image.

    New Blanket with Six Ponies

    Found at Hot Topic by Anna. 

    Discord Katamari Shirt

     Found at F.Y.E.

    Pinkie Pie Scarf

    Found at Spencers

    Crazy Hot Pants

    Found at Spencers as well!

    Zecora Messenger Bag

    This design has been used for wallets, and now you can get it on a messenger bag.  Found by Julia at Toys R' Us.

    Japanese DVD

    Apparently it includes episodes three and nine, along with a hand towel.  Thanks to Bojo for the heads up! Find it here.