• Music of the Day #225

    Always did like ponies in armor. Actually I like all girls in armor in general. I guess that's what happens when you grow up playing MMORPG's,

    Get some music! we have seven today.

    [1] Source
    Aviators - Friendship (TIF Remix) THANKFUL EP OUT NOW

    [2] Source
    [Dubstep] Panic : Fluttershy the Apex Predator (Drocsid Remix) ~ RIP Droc

    [3] Source
    Mystery - Memories (Second Version)

    [4] Source
    Leo Valor - The Night of Disharmony
    Symphonic Metal

    [5] Source
    Tree Of Harmony - Panic

    [6] Source
    Daddy Discord (Acapella Cover w/ Theatrefreak7)
    A Capella Cover

    [7] Source
    3SPIRIT - Light of the Land