• 63/66 Days of Pony - Just for Sidekicks

    I don't think any of us expected two Spike episodes in a 13 episode season. Here we were though with a round two.  I almost expected an entire pony pet toy line to show up with how much these guys were being used.

    As for the episode itself, we got to be Spike's classic dragon greed once again, without the growing side effect.  The crazy dragon tries to throw all the pets at the Cutie Mark Crusaders of all ponies.  How could that ever end well?

    I have to wonder how sapient the animals actually are in this world.  Angel, Opal, and Owlicious seem completely aware of everything.  Maybe a deal could have been had a bit earlier if he wasn't so quick to rush it.  Spike needs to take some business courses.  That stuff happens sloooow.

    Anyway, get the episode below the break.