• 61/66 Days of Pony - Spike at Your Service

    The end was near! We were just a few episodes away from completing season 3 ridiculously early.  Magical Mystery Cure was slated for a February 16th airdate, and after that the prospects of new episodes were a complete enigma.  I know I was hoping for a "Surprise! Season 4 starts in August!".  Coming to the end of the haitus and looking back, that was a LONG time without any new episodes outside of Twilight goes to humanland. No wonder there is nothing to post!

    Spike and Applejack, two of the underdogs on the popular character scale got their big chance to team up and hopefully clobber some of that horned/winged/PARTY competition they usually are up against.  We saw the return of the timberwolves, with an added "3D" effect to liven them up a but.  Apples Apples Apples even got a bit of combat experience under her belt hat.

    So what did you guys think? Did these two raise on your pony tier list?

    Head on down below the break for some Spike at Your Service!