• Plushie Compilation #129

    Time to commandeer the plushie compilation from Calpain for an important PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT.

    I'm sensing an extreme lack of bat ponies here on EQD lately.  Why is this? What can we do to fix it? Why I'll tell you what we can do to fix it! Take all that mane 6 pony love and funnel it over to bat ponies for a bit!  Over time, we should see an increase in output of this type of plushie right here.  What does an increased output do? It's pretty simple really.  If enough plushie creators pump bat ponies out, the prices will go down, and I won't have to spend a million dollars on one.  Selfish? Maybe.  I'm allowed to do that though.  My second favorite pony is Trixie after all.  That unlocks the ability to be both obnoxious and self centered on Wednesdays.

    Seriously though, this is an awesome plushie.

    Anyway, get a bunch more below the break!

    [1] Source
    Batpony plushie in socks

    [2] Source
    Applejack plush with hat

    [3] Source
    Teacup size Scootaloo beanie with RD hoodie

    [4] Source
    Bonbon - new pattern test

    [5] Source
    Pinkie Pie Keychain

    [6] Source
    Applejack keychain

    [7] Source
    Baby Scoots in the sky

    [8] Source
    tiny queen collage

    [9] Source
    Apple Fritter Item-pony

    [10] Source
    Princess Ally Oc custom plush

    [11] Source
    FOR SALE: Bonbon Custom Plush

    [12] Source
    FOR SALE: Lyra Heartstrings Custom Plush

    [13] Source
    Applejack Plush by PlushieScraleos

    [14] Source
    My Little Pony SPIKE as a Pony Plush

    [15] Source

    [16] Source
    Filly Twilight Sparkle Plush

    [17] Source
    Pinkie Pie with Socks

    [18] Source
    Applejack 2

    [19] Source
    Derpy v.3 with Scarf!

    [20] Source
    Life size Queen Chrysalis

    [21] Source
    soft plush Fluffle Puff

    [22] Source
    Queen Chrysalis for sale

    [23] Source
    Sitting Applejack Plushie

    [24] Source
    Fluttershy Fashion Model Plush

    [25] Source
    Derpy the mail pony

    [26] Source
    Fluttershy Plushie with socks (For Sale)

    [27] Source
    Fluttershy Plushie

    [28] Source
    Princess Twily Plushie - Other Side

    [29] Source
    Fluttershy Plushie - Sitting