• 21/66 Days of Pony - Over a Barrel

    Based on oldschool posts, it looks like around this time the fandom thought custom ponies were a huge deal.  In fact, we single posted a custom Rainbow Dash that really didn't do anything crazy other than style her hair.  It's kind of funny to think of what the fandom would be capable of in a few years from now. 

    Over A Barrel was yet another controversial one, focusing on the whole cowboy and indian thing.  Poor Dave Polsky just kept getting hit with stuff like this!  At least Meghan promised him some normal episodes in season 4. 

    Outside of the that, we got yet another look at races that aren't ponies in Equestria.  Quite a few have popped up over the years. I remember a message from Lauren Faust saying that hooves races would be the focus of sapience, outside of griffons.

    Anyway, get some over the barrel below the break, and toss those initial comments below!