• 19/66 Days of Pony - A Dog and Pony Show

    A collective sigh of relief hit the early fandom as we moved on from CMC and back to the mane 6. Two episodes in a row was overwhelming. What Cereal mentioned the other day was right, these guys are way better when they aren't the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Sadly we wouldn't see that until the next season when they start the one-on-one episodes with their sisters and idols. 

    But enough about past transgressions! It's time for Rarity to shine once again! A pony that started off as one of the least liked spent the majority of the second half of season two climbing the best pony ladder, reaching all the way to slot #1 for some.  The ease at which she seems to slip into crazymode rivals even Twilight Sparkle.

    A Dog and a Pony Show introduced a new subterranean race, once again expanding the ever-growing lore of Equestria as a whole.  Rarity stole the episode though with her "This is whining" scene. If there was any doubt at how adept Tabitha St. Germain was at voicing this character before, it was instantly thrown out the window. 

    On the negative side, there were a few that questioned the whole "moral" of the episode, which could easily translate into "whine and complain to get what you want!".  Hopefully parents didn't have to deal with a sudden increase in stubborn little girls.

    Anyway, get some Dog and a Pony Show below the break, and toss those initial reactions out too!