• 18/66 Days of Pony - The Show Stoppers

    I think one of the most interesting things I heard about the Cutie Mark Crusaders was that they were, "at their most entertaining when they weren't being the Cutie Mark Crusaders". For a non-trivial amount of people, this seemed to be the case around this point in season one. Opinion on them was still a bit divided, and I think it remained that way for a while before each of the members got their own time in the spotlight away from the other two.

    This episode is kind of a continuation of Call of the Cutie, in that it expands on the tropes that the CMC would eventually be defined by from that point on. It was also a very musical episode, featuring both an extremely catchy crusading tune for the three fillies as well as an I-don't-think-anyone-liked-it-until-it-was-autotuned performance by them to cap everything off. I believe it was Michelle Creber who said that it was extremely difficult to be asked by Daniel to sing that off-key. It, well... yes. Kind of.

    Feel free to relive Three Fillies In Search of Magic Butt Marks after the break.

    The preview frame has Rarity and this makes me happy.