• Cosplay Compilation #3

    WARRIOR Rainbow Dash? I'd play that in a video game. Get on it Hasbro. The action adventure/hack and slash/god of war style genre could use a main character like that.

    It's cosplay time once again! These posts are a bit distant from one another, but there aren't a whole lot of cosplayers out there this time of year. Hopefully some of the winter conventions pick that up a bit.

    Now go get some cosplay below the break.

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    [1] Source
    Princess Cadence

    [2] Source
    Prince Lunar

    [3] Source
    Love Conquers All

    [4] Source
    New Spell!

    [5] Source
    Sisterhoof Social

    [6] Source
    AX2012 - D3: 603

    [7] Source
    AX2012 - D3: 507

    [8] Source
    AX2012 - D3: 494

    [9] Source
    Derpy Hooves Logistics

    [10] Source
    Walk walk fashion baby! (Photo Finish Cosplay)

    [11] Source
    My Little Pony: At The Gala (Fantasy Quest III)

    [12] Source
    Princess Mi Amore Cadenza

    [13] Source
    Queen Chrysalis at Trotcon

    [14] Source

    [15] Source
    Highest Level Unicorn

    [16] Source
    Future Twilight Sparkle

    [17] Source
    Fluttershy and Rainbow dash Superheroine Cosplay

    [18] Source
    Twilight Sparkle - My Little Pony

    [19] Source
    Fluttershy Superheroine Cosplay

    [20] Source
    braeburn cosplay with applejack

    [21] Source
    Fluttershy - Garden

    [22] Source
    Athon 20 Pinkie Pie

    [23] Source
    Oh Pinkie

    [24] Source
    Queen Chrysalis

    [25] Source
    Princess Celestia 03 + Shining Armor

    [26] Source
    Fluttershy and Applejack

    [27] Source
    Starswirl the Bearded

    [28] Source
    Derpy Hooves cosplay

    [29] Source
    Cutie Mark Crusaders

    [30] Source
    My Chrysalis Cosplay

    [31] Source
    Fluttershy (Dangerous Mission Outfit Ver)