• MLP Birthdays:Cathy Wesluck, Anneli Heed, and Raven Molisee

    With a new month comes new birthdays to celebrate and like last month it seems like we have quite a few to enjoy this time around.First up this month is the pony of glamor herself, Tabitha St. Germain, on the 17th of August which is then closely followed by a spurt of birthdays starting with Anneli Heed of Swedish Spitfire fame on the 20th, Cathy Wesluck on the 21st, and finally ending with senior storyboarder for pony during season 2 and 3, Raven Molisee on the 31st!

    Time to get cracking you guys, let's make their birthdays an awesome experience! Send your artwork to submit@equestriadaily.com with MLP Birthdays in the subject title along with who the art is for. Check below for some OC references!

    Update: Tabitha has confirmed her Bday is not in August! Hold off on pics for her for now.

    Raven's OC
    Anneli Heed's OC