• Game: Nightfall Beta Release #2

    Release #2 of the Nightfall Beta has released, with quite a few changes to the overall game:
    - Added mercenary system (booyah!).
    - Added tutorial (more booyah!).
    - Added 10 more nights (new enemies, bosses, etc.): up to night 20 (and even more booyah!).
    - Added 'Options' menu.
    - Added structure control panel.
    - Lesser enemy spawn rate (so it's not incredibly hard to play without getting a Game Over just at Night 3).
    - Bonus money per night is now increasingly progressive.
    - Lower price for some structures in store.
    - Added Spacebar to drop to the ground while flying.
    - Added sky-blue power-up, which reduces damage received.
    If you want to give the platforming/tower defense/mining hybrid a shot, head on over here to check it out!