• Album Compilation - August 11th

    We have six more albums for you all to fill your playlists up with.  This little compilation here includes the following: 
    • Hold Your Rainbow - Ponies at Dawn
    • Second Chances - Metaljoker
    • Dawning EP - Crystal Slave
    • Bust Yo Flank! - HACKD
    • PLAYFUL PONI MUSIC!!! ^____^ - sci
    All of which can be found below the break!

    Hold Your Rainbow
    Artist: Ponies at Dawn
    Genre: House / Acoustic

    Description: Hold Your Rainbow' by Ponies at Dawn is an Australian brony album aimed to help musicians attend conventions such as PonyCon AU by raising funds to assist in travel and other expenses.

    Second Chances
    Artist: Metajoker
    Genre: Alternative

    Description: So this is it, my first album! After a year of work (plus some life on the side) I'm proud to present "Second Chances".

    Every song on the album tells the story (or at least delves into the mind) of a different character. Whether it's Chrysalis' internal struggle to balance who she has become with her expectations as a leader, or the two Celestial Sisters and their journey to reconnection, each song encompasses some aspect of Tabula Rasa; a "clean slate". Can we become something greater through our hardest struggles? Not every song answers this question, but through the course of this album I hope that the listener will feel that they, like anyone in life, can find a Tabula Rasa, a "Second Chance", when they need it most.

    Dawning EP
    Artist: Crystal Slave
    Genre: Electro

    Description: I embarked on a mission to complete a charity EP in one week, in my signature electronic style. The result was four hard-hitting electro tracks, including three vocal songs. These songs are somewhat intense both emotionally and musically, but there's an undertone of hope and light that shines throughout. Enjoy!


    Bust Yo Flank!
    Artist: HACKD
    Genre: hardcore/Breakcore

    Description: Presenting my debut solo release filled with crunchy disto kicks, driving breaks, and ponies. Thank you all for your support. Again, shout outs to Zovi, Dave!, and my homies Gremlin, Somasis, and Eery.

    PLAYFUL PONI MUSIC​!​!​! ^___^
    Artist: sci
    Genre: Moog / Early Synthpop

    Description: 6 songs based on songs from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    6 original songs
    1 remix from Friendship is Witchcraft