• Nightly Roundup #716

    Some Octavia as promised especially since I had some Vinyl up here not too long ago. It would be wonderful to hear her perform, no?

    Lots of news stuff tonight so check it all out after the break!

    Tonight's Stories

    Entertainment Weekly Article On ComicCon And Ponies

    With ComicCon going on you can expect some articles on the event and of course since ponies are making a huge stir there they too are included in the article! Check out the scans above for the full article.

    Parody SDCC Schedule Features Cosplaying Wonderbolts

    The Onion is at it again with some good old parody, but this time their parody just happens to feature ponies! Check out the fake schedule and the pic used above in their article at the link below.

    Check out the full story here!

    Ultra Fast Pony Season 2 Trailer

    The time is near!

    Loyalty On Floppy Drives

    Loyalty by AcousticBrony And Mandopony on Floppy Drives!

    Epic Short Video On The Alicorn Amulet

    Feels like a movie, I swear.

    Huffington Post Reports On The Evolution Of MLP

    An MLP article has popped up on Huff Post about the evolution of MLP, but not in the way you'd expect. They seem to focus on the idea of ponies evolving into sexualized humans seen in EqG. Of course this completely skips over the evolution of MLP female characters into realistic female role models, but that doesn't get pageviews does it?

    Check out the full story here!

    Gypsy Bard On Minecraft Noteblocks

    Like I needed this song in my head again.

    Colgate In Real Life

    Don't mess with Colgate. Seriously.

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    Zadar City Meetup

    It was quite a fun little meetup, after the whole party gathered on the meetup point, we chatted a bit and then proceeded to the nearest Cinestar Cinema in Zadar. After getting the tickets because we got there a bit too early for the movie, we spent some time in the mall checking out shops, get some food, drinks and slushies and trying to find some pony merchandise. We watched the movie Pacific Rim, and everypony in the group agreed that it was awesome and totally worth checking out. After the movie, we decided to take a few picture before leaving Zadar around 11pm.

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    MLP Fan Project Seeking Musicians

    After two long years of development, it is with great happiness that we come to announce a musician casting call for My Little Musical!

    Now that the musical has been composed and voice actors are in callbacks, we are currently looking for a few instrumentalists and a producer/sound designer to fill out our online ensemble! The specific instruments we are seeking include acoustic guitar, trumpet, saxophone, trombone and violin. For more information on open positions, how to audition, and the music itself please see http://mylittlemusical.tumblr.com/ and the respective links below! Contact info can be found on our tumblr.

    We hope you choose to join us on this incredible journey!

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Hand in Hoof Podcast

    We have recently made a DJ PON-3 Special that features her new album "Diverse".

    Here is a link to Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crH8DMagxzM

    Get more information here!

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    July 20, 2011-2012

    2011 - Hot Topic finally starts carrying MLP:FiM pony shirts and the exclusive ComicCon pony poster is revealed.

    2012 - Not much happened so have some old comics!