• Nightly Roundup #712

    I can't seem to find any Luna in jean shorts. Last night's roundup seemed 5x more popular with Applejack in those, so I can only imagine how many people would flip if Luna donned a pair.

    Anyway, onward to roundup stuff!

    Ponies in The Gazette

    A military brony article popped up over in The Gazette.  Check it out here!

    Galacon Ticket Give-Away

    Want tickets? Head on over here to check out the give-away!


    Equestria Uncovered - Lyra and Bonbon

    Check the article out here!

    Sweet Apple Acres Con Day 1

    A video was released, so check it out over here!

    Knockoff Ponies Invade Ashens

    Toy Reviewer and famous Youtuber Ashens did a review on a bunch of stuff, including a knock off Pinkie Pie.  Find it here!

    Rainbow Cloud in Wilsonville

    Looks cool! Check out the article on it here.


    The MBS Show 71

    In today’s episode of “The MBS Show” we have an awesome guest. He is a talented brony artist who can draw in digital and analog format, he is the mastermind of the “Best Pony” logo and is the artist for the “Ask Movie Slate” Tumblr page. We are proud to bring you James Corck, join us as we talk about why is Rarity so awesome, what inspired him to create “Ask Movie Slate”, how come Rarity is so cool, his blog on MLP episodes and why is Rarity best pony.

    You can listen to the interview in the link below. http://www.thembsshow.com/2013/07/the-mbs-show-episode-71-ask-movie-slate.html


    Successful Meetups

    Orlando Equestria Girls Meetup Video

    Check it out here!

    Utah Meetup

    The annual Utah Bronies summer meet was a complete success. It took place Saturday the 13th in Liberty Park in downtown Salt Lick City, and the total attendance was around 100 people. Everyone had a good time, some great barbecue, and passed the time with various activities such as 'Rarity's Scavenger Hunt', 'Zecora's Riddles', and drawing chalk ponies everywhere. There was also cake. Lots of cake. New Lunar Republic cake. And that other one.

    Find the gallery here!

    Rarity Scavenger Hunt/Zecora Riddles

    Chilean Meetup

    About 30 chilean bronies joined at "Parque O'higgins" to share and talk about MLP:FiM, all day hanging out and enjoying the company with the bronies that attend.


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Baby Discord Plushie


    This one is from McTwiggyfication from Sins of Friendship! Pretty cool!