• 1000 Days of Pony!

    Yes, the socks are necessary
    As many of you have pointed out, 1001 days ago pony first popped up on TV's with access to The Hub.  At first, a good amount of people were skeptical.  In fact, I remember an old Cartoon Brew article that essentially called it horrible.  It only took a few days before everyone realized how wrong that was.

    As episode two released, more began giving it a shot, albeit at 2am when everyone was asleep and with headphones on.  Twilight Sparkle suddenly became a thing, and soon a swarm of fans donned pony avatars on just about every forum out there.   I remember talking to a friend in the Geek Squad at Best Buy laughing about how their entire internal forum was plastered in pony 24/7.   No corner of the internet is safe!

    Fast forward to today, and we have become one of the biggest internet fandoms out there.  If you have been around since the beginning, hopefully you haven't completely lost your sanity yet. And if you are new to the pony craze, prepare to lose it eventually!

    Lets hope season four brings about another thousand days.  I for one am having too much fun to stop now.

    (Oh hey, this is technically EQD's 16000th post too.)