• Second Japanese Pony Intro Announced

    As is the norm for animated shows in Japan, the next season of pony will be decked out in a brand new theme.  A tweet went out from the Japanese MLP Twitter page (Explained and credit to Bojo):
    New theme song for MLP Japan starting in July. "Majikaru Dai☆Dai☆Dai-Bōken!" (Big Big Big Magical Adventure!) sung by Nanamori-chu☆Gorakubu.
    There's no way to tell before hearing the lyrics, but the title at least makes it seem possible that the song will be show-relevant.
     At around the same time, the CD this is included in was announced for a July 31st release date, composed of a group from the Yuruyuri anime.  Google Translate:
    Be released on the 31st of CD7 month Nanamori Goraku section, new song! The title "Magical large large great adventure! This piece "is the opening theme from July of magic ~" and "My Little Pony Friends ~ anime being broadcast by TV Tokyo addition NOW!
    I'm sure it will be up on YouTube eventually! Keep an eye out.