• Random Merch - Play Mat, Plushies, Balloons, and More!

    We have a ton of random merch this time around, starting with a giant floor mat found at Costco by Ribbon Override, with additional image of it hanging on a wall by Mike.  That's surprisingly detailed for one of these. 

    You know the drill by now.  Hit the read more button for piles of pony stuff. 

    Rainbow Dash Balloon

    Found at an undisclosed store in Singapore by Jason

    Lunch Boxes

    Found at TRU by Unicornmon for 10 bucks a pop, just in case you don't already have a million lunch boxes with ponies on them. 

    Dash wallet

    Found over here for 15 bucks!  Thanks to Flawlessh for the heads up.

    Hot Topic Stuff

    They are like a random pony merch factory over there.  Have a bunch of random finds:

    Spike Necklace

    Derpy and Vinyl Bowties

    Hair Clips
    Found here

    Found here


    Found here

    Found here

    Hoodie/Backpack Combo

    Thanks to rai_loh, Andrea, Ryan,  and everyone else that sent these in!

    Mystery Pinkie pie plushie

    This one was found in an Australian store called Gametraders by Cameron.  I don't recognize the model, but there seem to be loads of plushies popping up lately.