• Ponies in the News: The Star, WTVY, Yahoo, Iowa State Daily

    It looks like a few news groups decided to hop on pony for the day. 

    First off, The Toronto Star did an overall article titled "Bronies, men who dig My Little Pony, feel misunderstood".  Find that one here!

    WTVY did a report on the success of the MLP comic.  Head on over here for that. 

    Yahoo TV bugged a couple of the show staffers about various topics, primarily Equestria Girls.  Find that here.

    Iowa State Daily did a review on Equestria Girls over here

    And after months of research ,Trixie has been confirmed as second most magical pony here on EQD, right behind Twilight Sparkle.  The more you know~

    Thanks to John and everyone else for sending these in!