• Neon Blindbag Identification

    As many of you have pointed out over the past few days, the neon blindbag ponies have begun popping up at various stores (one in particular being Hot Topic, but be prepared to pay an insane amount per bag there).   Someone going by the name of Remmy has created an identification chart for those of us that are looking for a specific character. I haven't been able to test is personally, but I can't think of a better way than to bug the masses of pony fans following EQD!   Head on down below the break to check it out!

    Happy hinting!  List after the break.  

    (Codes on the bottom of the bags, see image above)

    (AA) - Applejack
    (AB) - Big Macintosh
    (AC) - Royal Riff
    (AD) - Mosely Orange
    (AE) - Gilda the Griffon
    (AF) - Flam
    (AG) - Film Skim
    (AH) - Fluttershy
    (AI) - Skywishes
    --There is no (AJ)--
    (AK) - Granny Smith
    (AL) - Princess Cadence
    (AM) - Golden Harvest
    (AN) - Flower Wishes
    (AO) - Pinkie Pie
    (AP) - Sassaflash
    --There is no (AQ)--
    (AR) - Comet Tail
    (AS) - Rainbow Dash
    (AT) - Sunny Rays
    (AU) - Gardenia Glow
    (AV)  - Lemon Hearts
    (AW) - Rarity
    (AX) - Ribbon Wishes
    (AY) - Lotus Blossom
    (AZ) -  Twilight Sparkle