• EqG Dolls Now On Sale - Prices Revealed

    Just a day after pictures of some of the EqG toy line were revealed we have begun receiving reports of the toys starting to pop up on online retailers such as Entertainment Earth and Amazon has a page for the Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle doll at least (thanks to all those who managed to find them!). While the information on the page over at Entertainment Earth is rather sparse it looks like we finally have some prices for the new toy line and now anyone interested in buying them can see how much it will set them back.

    They definitely seem a little pricey, especially the Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash dolls! I wonder why the increase in price over the others? At any rate, it appears a roll out of the line is starting to ramp up and we can probably expect to see more of the dolls popping up at other retail sites soon.