• EPCU Pony Photo Challenge Update!

    We have an urgent update from the EPCU which announced their photo challenge a couple days ago! Check out the revised details in the information below.

    Hello again, dear pony friends!

    A few days ago, we at the European Pony Convention Union (EPCU) announced our special My Little Pony photo contest celebrating this year's Summer Sun Celebration. Today, we're back with more details and some very good news for you!

    As it can sometimes be frustrating to find My Little Pony products in stores, our photo challenge is now open for anyone to participate! All it takes is a photo of your current My Little Pony collection! Also, BUCK has decided to join the fun by donating one of their "20% Cooler Tickets" as another prize to the event. Yay!

    This gives you the chance to win one of these prizes:

    - A BIZAAM Ticket to GalaCon
    - A Fancy Ticket to BronyDays
    - A Gold Sponsor Ticket to Crystal Fair
    - A 20% Cooler Ticket to BUCK

    And this is how you can participate:

    - Get an account at eurobronies.org and upload a picture of your personal pony herd to the image gallery. There will be a special "Summer Sun Celebration" category.

    - Include your desired convention ticket and a brief description of your photo in the image description of your upload.

    - Your photo must be uploaded by June 30th at the latest.

    - The winners will be picked by the staff members of the EPCU conventions.

    Good luck!

    All EPCU teams