• Discussion: Favorite Pony Shape?

    When FiM first came out, there wasn't a huge variety of pony shapes to choose from.  You had either the mane 6 with their swarms of incidental ponyville ponies, and the princesses.  Over the seasons, many new shapes and sizes have popped up to avoid the copy pastey style of the primary model.  

    The question is, which pony shape is your favorite? Do you have a specific incidental character that you love to see? Or maybe Luna's short yet lanky build is appealing? 

    And another question entirely based on an old comment Lauren made years ago; would you like to see each of the mane six have slightly different models?   The original plan was for all of them to be unique, but time constraints and the difficulty of animating six mane characters made it more economical to share body types between all of them.  What would each pony differentiate themselves with?