• Comic Con Exclusive Pony for 2013 - Vinyl Scratch!

    USA Today has released an image of this year's Comic Con exclusive pony.  It looks like Vinyl Scratch will be dominating the floor.  She will clock in at 50 bucks, so be prepared to drop a bit of money to pick her up.  I can only imagine what that is going to do for the ebay sales. Have a quote from the article:
    A fan favorite who first appeared in the first season of Friendship is Magic, DJ Pon-3 ($49.99) makes her debut with a Comic-Con exclusive — and a shiny one at that. In addition to a musical note as her "cutie mark," her sunglasses and unicorn horn are embellished with Swarovski crystal elements that tie into the year's theme of the Crystal Empire.
    Even DJ Pon-3's special packaging lights up, says Hasbro's Donna Tobin, senior vice president, global brand marketing for My Little Pony. "Everything about her offering really enhances her character."
    In the cartoon, "she had a little throwback to the '80s — she put a needle on an actual vinyl record," Tobin adds. "A younger girl might not have picked that up but our older fans picked it up immediately and loved it. And we love that about her, too."
      Thanks to iStricer for the heads up!