• Random Merch - Brushable Prototypes, Towels, Jumbo Card Packs, and More!

    Time for some random merch! Your weekly/monthly/daily/whenever we get enough stuff to post compilation of all the crazy pieces of merchandise pumped from retailers across the world.

    We start this one off with a few new brushable leaks/prototypes popping up on good ol' Taobao.   Sparkly wings and Diamond Tiaras appear to be on th eway! thanks to Sarah for the heads up on those.

    Head on down below the break for more Random merch!

    Pinkie Pie Coloring Book with Crayons

    Found at Weis in York, PA.  Thanks to Lord Nauda for the image.

    Trading Card Jumbo Fun Pack

    Found at various targets around the USA.  Includes:

    9 Trading Cards
    1 Sweepstake Card
    2 Tattoo Sets
    1 Foil Card
    1 Pop-Up Standee
    1 Sticker Card
    1 Mini poster-Checklist (found above)

    Price: $4.99

    Thanks to Thomas and everyone else for sending it in!

    Pony Dog Tags

    There isn't an image available for these yet, but Toywiz is listing pony dog tags in sets of 6 for 14 bucks.  Head on over here if you want to gamble it up!

    Thansk to Margurite for the image.

    Twilight Sparkle Beach Towel

    Found at Century 21 Department Store in Queens NY.  Prices at $14.99.  Thanks to Jamie for the image!