• Meetup Group Map Teaser Update

    Yesterday we posted news about a new feature we were going to be trying out: a list of meetup groups around the world so pony fans can easily find other fans near them. We were blown away by the response, receiving tons of emails in just 24 hours!

    In response, I have been busy chugging away at a customized Google map containing all the information sent in. So far I have included all the information sent our way save for the info provided graciously by the mod in charge of The Big Brony Meetup Map which will add several new meetup groups to this list when it is complete. Thank you for the info Xiagu!

    Check below for a link to the public map and please email us with any problems you have while using it. The map is only accurate up to town/region level to the best of our abilities! Clicking a map marker will bring up all the relevant information sent in by the people from that group.

    If you would like your meetup group added please send it into submit@equestriadaily.com along with the name of your group, the country/State/region it is located in, and any relevant URLs. Please do not send in individual meetups, those are just for the Roundups!

    Brony Meetup Group Google Map (Beta)