• Hasbro Signs Deal with World Trade Jewelers

    A company going by the name of World Trade Jewelers has signed a deal with Hasbro to create jewelry, including an entire section dedicated to ponies.  According to a press release sent out on Hasbro's investor relations site, we can expect to see Friendship is Magic stuff pop up in October of this year.   The big thing is the age group this company focuses on.  According to the press release, their collections target the 24-34 year old female demographic.   The items on their website seem pretty high quality to top it off.  This doesn't sound like plastic bracelets with Twilight Sparkle beads. 

    Find the full press release here, or the pony specific excerpt below:
    Since 1983 the MY LITTLE PONYTM brand has brought fun, friendship & joy to fans of all ages around the globe. Hasbro re-introduced the popular, whimsical franchise in 2003 and the brand has been strengthened by the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic animated series, produced by Hasbro Studios and currently airing on the Hub TV Network. The jewelry collection is due for consumer release by October of 2013.
     Thanks to Little Ribbon for the heads up.