• Equestria Daily Apps Updated to v1.1

    The march of progress cannot be stopped!

    In this set of updates, our awesome developer Gameleon has implemented the most-requested features asked for from the last update. The iOS version has preliminary iPad support, all versions have support for tumbnails next to posts (since we know you guys love images!) and some minor stylistic and sharing feature changes. By changes, I mean he added the ability to share posts to other applications. It's like magic!

    You probably have both versions set to auto-update, but just in case you don't, you can grab them and see the full changelogs here!

    Just a quick note: we realize the Android update has been out for a while. We're usually left waiting on Apple's submission process to get them both up to sync.

    If we've missed a feature you'd really like to see, leave it in the comments! We enjoy your feedback and we read everything.