• Build a Bear Plushies Pricing Details and Release Reminder, Plus Online Orders

    This week is technically a celebration for Build a Bear involving their new Pinkie and Dash toys.  As many of you have pointed out, and sent images of, both were released yesterday.  Have a full list of pricing from ItWasUnder E:

    Brush ($3)
    Capes ($13.50)

    Other fashions:
    MY LITTLE PONY skirt outfit ($12.50)
    Knight costume ($15.00).
    MY LITTLE PONY theme song ($6) that can be added to any stuffed animal
    Hair extensions ($4.00)
    Rainbow skates ($6.00)

    Some of their pony merch is actually meant for the bears as opposed to the actual ponies (including a shirt). 

    If you want to order one online instead, hit up their website.